25 -27 April 2012 | Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre @ CentralWorld
Financial Integration Forum


The Asian Financial Integration forum has steadily captured the attention of the investment community ever since it was introduced two years ago. The conference will bring together broker-dealers, exchanges, banks and a wide range of related counter-parties, making this the single most important annual conference on the infrastructure and products of markets and exchanges in the Asia Pacific region.

Key issues to be discussed:

  • Latest changes in Dodd-Frank Act and its impact
  • Asset servicing and custodian issues
  • Dynamics of stock exchanges in the financial industry
  • Current technological advances in trading platforms(HFT, Algo trading, etc)
  • Improving market efficiencies

Specially designed for:

  • Heads and senior executives of treasury and markets in banks
  • Heads and senior executives of companies that provide trading infrastructure
  • Senior executives of traders and fund managers wanting to grow
    their institutional client pool
  • Senior executives from custodian banks who wish to be updated
    on Asia's domestic banks
  • Banking and markets regulators from across the region

Agenda: 27th April 2012

27th April 2012
07:30 –09:00 Registration
08:30 – 10:00 Key impediments to the Dream of an Asian Century

Conducted jointly with Cash, Payments & Trade Conference

Despite the different levels of developments in the ASEAN region, there are calls to make Asia more integrated in the payments, capital markets, securities and bonds. To answer these calls, an Implementation Plan which seeks to achieve capital markets integration was announced in April 2011 during the ASEAN Finance Ministers’ Meeting. Nevertheless, the challenges towards integration are still a stumbling block for these new initiatives to be implemented. This session will discuss the internal and external issues for the road towards financial integration.

  • The winners and losers in cross-border merger and acquisitions of financial firms
  • Setting standards in financial integration – do we need a higher body?
  • Dreams of a pan-Asian derivatives industry
  • The ASEAN Exchange initiative & Asian Bond Market Initiative
Speakers and cases in this session include:
  • Abdul Wahid Omar, President and CEO, Maybank
  • Bill Evans, Chief Economist, Westpac
  • Charamporn Jotikasthira, President, The Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • Hsieh Fu Hua, former CEO of Singapore Exchange, founding director PrimePartners Group
  • Jaroungpon Hoonsiri, Head of Direct Securities Services, Thailand, Deutsche Bank AG
Moderated: Patrick de Courcy, Head of Markets, Asia Pacific, SWIFT
10:00 – 11:00 What are we learning from the regionalization of payments

Conducted jointly with Cash, Payments & Trade Conference

The ASEAN Payments initiative aims to foster integrated, safe, and efficient payment and settlement systems in the region that will enable businesses and individuals to make or receive electronic payments with greater convenience. Yet, domestic retail payment systems in some countries are still fragmented resulting in non-interoperability among the different providers. The inefficiencies in the payment systems and opaque pricing mechanism have made cross-border payments costly. It has become essential that standards are put in place countries improve their PSS (Payment Settlement Systems) to meet the countries’ economic needs. In doing so, members would be ready for the long term goal of regional integration.

In the context of The ASEAN Payments initiative leading industry players will:
  • The adoption of international/common standards in retail payment systems as the foundation for interoperability between existing retail payment systems in the region.
  • Analyze strategies for establishing partnerships with overseas institutions along with criteria for choosing these partners. Finding the right match suited to your particular brand will be under the spotlight.
  • Risk mitigation in your correspondent network to combat bad service, competition, credit default, overcharging etc.
Speakers and cases in this session include:
  • Stephen Bailey, Vice President, ASEAN, ACI Worldwide
  • Ulrich Bindseil, Directorate General Operations, ECB
  • Thierry de Longuemar, VP Finance and Administration, ADB
Moderated: Patrick de Courcy, Head of Markets, Asia Pacific, SWIFT
11:00 – 11:30 Tea/Coffee Break
11:30 – 12:30 Identifying and overcoming the barriers to the provision of seamless cross-border transaction banking products and services and integration.

Conducted jointly with Cash, Payments & Trade Conference

Despite the urge for expansion of businesses in Asia, these are relentlessly hampered by the multitude of barriers to effective cross-border transaction banking services which exist in a variety of guises. In this session we will examine the most burdensome of these obstacles (regulatory, operational, fiscal, technological etc) and the steps being taken to erode these barriers or at least overcome them. We will explore the clients’ needs and concerns in cross-border business and how your FI can facilitate their cross-border ventures through services including FX strategies, counterparty risk mitigation, cross-border cash pooling etc.

Financial institutions must adjust along with the evolving business landscape. They must foretell what is coming down the road and lay down the right strategy to serve customers, as non-banks may gain a foothold in the transaction business thanks to advanced technology. It is essential that institutions grasp the needs of customers in each industry and try to close any service gaps.

Speakers and cases in this session include:
  • Marcus Sehr, Global Head of Cash Management for Financial Institutions, Global Transaction Banking, Deutsche Bank AG
  • Songpol Chevapanyaroj, Executive Vice President, Kasikorn bank
Moderated by: Paul McNamara, Managing Editor, The Asian Banker

*Please note that we are in various stages of confirming speakers/panellists.
*The Asian Banker reserves the right to change the price without prior notice.

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